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Scientists in Movies

STS Spring term 2022, CODE University Berlin


Time line

1. About next week

4. Evaluation

3. Types of Scientists in Movies

2. Background, film History

1. Next week's seminar is off! No class! Why?

  • I want you to focus and work on your presentation
  • I want you to consider for your presentation:
  • Make it short and simple (5-8 min), consider your audience and the knowledege it might already have
  • Make it easy to access, even though you're focussing profound questions about the characteristics of your choosen medium and its connection to the topic S&T
  • Make it this way that you would love to show us your presentation (start with a joke/quiz, end with a question, etc.). It's your presentation
  • you don't need a digital presentation

The good and the evil in Social Media

"Many current social issues stem from humanity’s struggle with nuance. Social media is not known for respecting or encouraging nuance, but science is. And if scientific discussion can add a drop of nuance to the internet, who knows how far the ripples could go."
Khor WaihoInstitute of Tropical Aquaculture and Fisheries, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

"Social media platforms build algorithms to display contents that maximize engagement, rewarding sensationalism and soundbites and penalizing more nuanced discourse on complex issues."
Morgan Daly DedyoUniversity of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

3. The Beginning of Sci-Fi and the archetypes of Scientists in Movies

Le Voyage dans la Lune (1902)

Metropolis (1927)

Dr. Frankenstein (1931)

3. When you think of Scientists in Movies:

1) Which type comes to your mind first?
2) How would you characterize her/ him?
3) Name a movie or movies where that type shows up!
4) How is that type important for the storyline?

My example: the absent-minded scientist

1) Doc Brown
2) chaotic, genius, sympathic, people friendly, but lives outside of society, morally and ethically, eccentric, naive, etc.
3) Back to the Future movies
4) scientist lives in the neighboorhood/ laboratory is in his garage -> his invention (time machine) is easily accessible
his chaotic, but genius sides are responsible for most of the suspense scenes

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