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Kaan, Karolina, Kiran, Nelly, Jerrit

Shakespeare the pop phenomenon

Table of content

1. Who was William Shakespeare?

2. What is popular culture?

3. Pop culture to Shakespeare's times

4. Why was Shakespeare considered a superstar?

8. Modern pop culture phenomenon

9. How did Tupac influence modern pop culture?

6. Why was/is Romeo and Juliet so influential?

5. How did Shakespeare influence modern pop culture?

10. Comparison

- Shakespeare's and Tupac's work
- Shakespeare's and Tupac's influence

7. Modern work inspired by Shakespeare

11. Conclusion

  • Born in April 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
  • Baptised on April 26 1564
  • Died on April 23 1616
  • English playwright, poet and actor
  • World's greatest dramatist
  • Pop culture phenomenon

Who was Shakespeare?

  • Social practices, patterns of consumption, daily experiences
  • Recognized by members of society
  • Cultural products
  • Involves aspects of social life
  • Interactions between people in their everyday activities
  • Informed by the mass media

What is popular culture?

  • Western pop culture began with Shakespeare
  • First pop culture "superstar"
  • Controversial topic
  • Going to continue growing

Pop culture to Shakespeare's times

  • Most famous writer in the UK
  • He was an allrounder
  • Best selling author
  • 37 plays
  • Famous quote: "To be, or not to be: that is the question."
  • First dramatist, who addressed current topics
  • Blueprints about variations of topics --> love, jealousy, revenge
  • Everyone visits his place of birth

Why was Shakespeare considered a superstar?

  • Language
  • Addressed political topics -> inspired political leaders e.g. Nelson Mandela
  • Themes that are relevant for society e.g.: love, greed, ambition and power
  • Inspiration for high culture and low art
  • His plays (especially Romeo and Juliet) have inspired modern works
  • Musicians, filmmakers, visual artists, TV show writers, animators, dramatists and poets were inspired by him
  • Influence for language, culture, society, art and education

How did Shakespeare influence modern pop culture

  • Beautiful language, humour, action and love
  • Relevant topics e.g.: Love, rivalry, friendship, conflicts with partens, fate and destiny
  • Their recklessness and rebelliousness represents modern teenagers
  • The story/the idea can be relatable for many people/teenagers
  • Fobidden unconditional love
  • A timeless story and message
  • Influenced many films and songs e.g.: Taylor Swift - Love Story

Why was/is Romeo and Juliet so influential?

The Lion King - Hamlet

Young princes, who's fathers have been killed by their uncles
  • The uncle wants to become the king
  • The princes see their father's ghost
  • Both are exiled away from their kingdoms
  • The uncles die

Modern work inspired by Shakespeare

Motocrossed - Twelfth Night
The protagonist disguises herself as a male in order to take on an untraditionally male role

  • She takes on the role of her brother
  • She gains the respect of her peers
  • Gender bending
  • Swapping identities
  • Unlikely romance

  • Tupac Amaru Shakur
  • Born on June 16 1971 in New York City
  • Murdered on September 13 1996
  • American actor and rapper
  • Poet and social commentator

Modern pop culture phenomenon

  • Rapid growth of the rap/hip-hop/pop culture
  • Topics: Trust, racial discrimination, society, the poor (the ghetto)
  • Poetic and raw delivery
  • Self-empowerment
  • Authenticity
  • Spreading messages in creative ways
  • Style, slang and music

How did Tupac influence modern pop culture

Shakespeares's work

Tupac's work






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