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Welcome to Emely`s dream house


This is Emily's dream house. It has seven rooms and three floors.
Emely is ten years old and she loves to draw.
She painted this beautiful picture in the English lessons.

The living room is on the first floor.

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The living room is on the ground floor.

The bedroom is really nice. There is a big cupboard, a bed, and a carpet. What Emely does not like about her parent's bedroom is all the black furniture. She thinks that it looks sad. No, black is not her favourite colour.

There is no carpet in the bedroom.

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The carpet in the bedroom is yellow

There is a green carpet in the bedroom.

The kitchen is very big. There is a table and two chairs. A blue lamp is hanging from the ceiling. Next to the kitchen, there is the living room. It is very cozy, because of the fireplace. There is also a shelf, an armchair, and a sofa in the living room.

... it has a roof terrace.

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...there is a gym in the cellar.

... it has got a nice fireplace in the living room.

This dream house is special, because ...

...there is a gym in the cellar.

In the garden, there is a huge swimming pool.

Emely loves playing in the pool with her little brother.
Her brothers' name is Tom. Together they have two cats. The cats do not like water. They do not play with Emely and Tom in the pool.

Emely and Tom love to play in the pool together with their two cats.

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Emely and Tom like to play in the pool. They would like to play with their pets inside the pool, but they do not like water.

Emely has got a brother. His name is Tom. Tom does not like water. He does not play with Emely in the pool.

Emely and Tom love to play with their pets. They have two cats and a hamster.

The bathroom and the bedroom are on the first floor. Within the bathroom, there is a toilet, a shower, and two sinks. The pets' room, the children´s room, and the guest room are on the second floor. In the children´s room, there is a bed, a lamp, a shelf a desk, and a chair. Emely likes to do her homework on the desk.

... a bed, a cupboard, and a lamp.

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... a desk, a bed and a shelf.

... a window, a lamp and a toilet.

... a chair, a shelf, and a fridge.

In the children´s room, there is ...

... a desk, a chair and sofa.

... a bed, a window, and an armchair.

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