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Südlohn and surroundings

sights and activities


activities in a small village

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Soccer field in Südlohn, if you are interested in soccer, we can watch a match and you can feel the passion of the Germans for football.

Just a kilometer away from my house is the "Turmhaus"you can go there to have a nice coffe or have breakfast. This cafe focusses on chocolates. They even create their own recipes, it is worth a visit.


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Südlohn is small and quiet, with lots of fresh air, you can decide to ride a round with your bike to enjoy the country side. The "Menke Mühle" is a possible stop to for example drink something.

But you can easily another country, by bike. You can ride to the Netherlands to enjoy the culture of Winterswijk and listen to another language. There is a street market every sunday, so you can do shopping there.

Südlohns signature and connections

main sight, market, food

Südlohn and the Netherlands



Borken Lake surroundings

Pröbsting Lake, climbing park

Borken has a big lake, the "Pröbsting See" you can walk or bike around it, you can also lend a pedal boat and explore the lake, maybe enjoy the sun. It is also allowed to swim in the lake.

Beside it is a very nice outdoor climbing park. It is for young and old, so it never gets boring. You can play Volleyball there as well, or minigolf.


In winter there is an open-air ice rink on a big area in the middle of the city. You can go there, lend skates and have a wonderful time there.

Another typical event in Germany are the winter markets. They take place in the cold winter months. There are some small huts that sell Christmas things and food like hot Chocolate, mulled wine, or fried almonds. Many of the things that are there are handmade.

Winter Time

ice skating, markets

Borken in winter



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German food is very variabel. There are meditarian, italien, greece and Turkish restaurants everywhere.


In Südlohn and surroundings you can not enjoy that many stores, but in Borken in the "Arkaden" you have some more viarity.



Public transport is a great thing in Südlohn. You can reach Borken in half an hour and Ahaus as well. Every half an hour you can take a bus.


There are many apps that show you routes where you can choose to ride your bike with a group of friends or family.

enjoy your stay !

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