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Poem Analysis




Paul Laurence dunbar

Some Notes i took

What is the Poem about

The interpretation


Born 1872 and died 1906

An amerikan poet and short story writer.

His parents have been Enslaved

Paul Laurence Dunbar

He is not specifically saying what type of mask he means.

He is talking about how the masks take a mental tore on us

He visualizes pain to makethe reader conekt with the poem more.

He asks a question and answers it in the next vers

He expresses the tenderness through putting two opposites next to each other

Some notes to the Poem

We wear the mask

What is the poem about

The Poem "We Wear the Mask" is talking about the People in our society putting on a fake face when going out or talking to other people and hide our feelings.

We wear the Mask

The interpretation

The first stanza introduces us to the topic and playes with the title. It tells us about us dealing hurt eventough we smile.

Stanza 01

The second one is shorter the the rest. It briars out the meaning of the poem. The question if when souls show our fallings comes up and getes answered with a no.

Stanza 02

the last Stanza talkes about the "Lieing" being a foundation of our live. But the trough will always come out

Stanza 03