Want to make creations as awesome as this one?



  • Next to the city of GISBORNE, in NEW ZEALAND, there is a natural attraction: a huge waterslide that delights adventurers !!

  • This natural waterslide is over the water of WHAREKOPAE RIVER

  • RERE ROCKSLIDE is certainly the coolest natural slide in the world.

  • On 200 foots, this rock formation is the dream ‘s spot for adventurers who have bodyboard, a buoy or an inflatable mattress.

  • After descending the wide slope at 30 degrees, you land in a deep bassin and you can make a few jumps

  • But the rock is very slippery so you have to be careful when you go up the slope !


  • This is a free attraction, and you will be making the walk from pool to the top of the slipe over and over again

  • Bring something to slide on

  • It’s an attraction for all ages, but you will catch some speed and you can hurt yourself

  • Like most attractions, it’s less crowded the earlier or later you go !

If you go to Rere Rockslide, just take a bodyboard and have fun !!!