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Where can you do this ?

You can do skydiving in Wanaka

What do you need to do skydiving ?

To do skydiving you need a plane, a parachute, glasses and a helmet.

Skydiving is extreme because it’s the one of the most dangerous sport.

In skydiving it’s easy to die ( if your parachute don’t open).

Skydiving is more dangerous than football.

Exemple :

the parachute is punctured, we die

We want do skydiving because it’s very stylish.

In skydiving you need to be accompanied by a professional. For more security you need 2 parachute 1 main parachute and 1 second if the first don’t open.


In this sport, you must be vigilant because this is a very dangerous sport if you are not prudent. This is dangerous but this sport is very fun and very stylish, after you do this you feel good as LeBron James after a Basket match as. (:

You can do this with your family if you have a family.