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Greek Myths and Legends




Welcome back

Congratulations you have successfully finished the first bilingual project and learned a lot about history and life in ancient Greece.

Now it's time to read and listen to their stories.

In the end you'll get active by writing your own myth and create a digital comic.


In this second project you will to learn about Greek mythological creatures, read and listen to myths and legends, write an own story and create a comic.

You will find interactive elements on the following slides. Behind these there are information, tasks, audio files, games and help. Don't miss to click on them.

Remember Greek History?

Brief Introduction

Begin the project with a short revision of what you have learned so far. Can you remeber the dates?





Remember Greek gods?

Brief Revision

You created a profile about your favourite Greek god.

Click on the gods and recap the information.



Theseus and the Minotaur

Write your story

Comic school and your comic

Mythological creatures

Mythical creatures



See the worksheet and make your own creatures.


Creative task

Part 2

Part 1



Words mat - A Greece myth

You have got three minutes to have a look at the picture-words-cards. Translate for yourself and remember the words. After that, take the quiz.

Read and listen

Activity Time


Click on the characters from left to right. You are going to read and listen to the story. In the end there is a worksheet that will train your reading skills and check your comprehension.



Listen to different Greek myths:

Follow the tasks on your handout.

If you like you can make your own labyrinth. Click the following website:


Writing your story

What do you think could happen in your story? Think of a situation where good wins against bad. Is your hero/god strong enough to beat the monster? Closr your eyes and magine your story.

Write down as many words that come to your mind and create a wordcloud. Take a screenshot.


In the next step you go more into detail and structure your story ideas. Create a mindmap and add your ideas (characters, place, problem, solution, end). Present your ideas to a partner or a small group.

Story planer

Start writing your story. Put all together that you have learned, planned and created so far and write your first draft of your story.You'll need time, a quiet place to work, enough space. You can use the handout or the digital document for writing your story.



👥 Ask for feedback
Ask a trusted person to proofread your text and to answer the following questions:
What did you like most about my text?
Which question would you like to ask?

COMIC School

In the following three lessons you will explore the world of comics. The tool we use is Pixton and you'll create your first characters and panels.

Comic School 1


In this lesson you will learn about the world of comics, you create your own avatar and a fisrst panel showing a particular emotion.

Comic School 2

Comic School 3


Before you start making your comic create your characters using Pixton.


Comics tell a story. In this lesson, you will learn about some of the storytelling tools a cartoonist uses. Then you'll use these tools to create a comic of your own.


This is your login name:
Justus: person107321

Luis: person115928

Emily: person126444
Luise: person138348

Sophie: person148226
Paul: person159520
Immanuel: person17043

Click the following link to get to the comic page. Type in your login name and start creating your avatar: https://login.pixton.com/9nymn3


  1. Take out your written story and develop a storyboard for it.
  2. READY to create your first digital comic?
  3. Let's do it! Go to Pixton and start immediately.
  4. Finished? Proofread your comic.
  5. Show your comic to a partner and see if she/he understands your story.
  6. Really finished? Ask your teacher
to download your comic.

Student Recap

Cap off a productive class with summary points students can easily remember.

Presentation of information

Cap off a productive class with summary points students can easily remember.

My writing process

Cap off a productive class with summary points students can easily remember.

Understanding a myth

Cap off a productive class with summary points students can easily remember.

My final comic