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  1. Where is Canberra?
  2. Facts
  3. Sights
  4. Canberra's history
  5. Climate
  6. Politics
  7. The education System
  8. Sources

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Where is canberra?

  • State: ACT

  • 238 km south-west of Sydney
  • 654 km north-east of Melbourne

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Facts about canberra

  • is the capital of Australia
  • is a planned city
  • Resident: more than 400 thousand


  • eighth largest city of Australia
  • the majority of the population of the ACT lives there

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Canberra's History

  • considering its size and importance Melbourne or Sydney should have become the capital
  • couldn't decide between the 2 cities, so Canberra was created
  • Canberra was ''discovered'' on 7. December 1820
  • ''Canberra'' is a derivation of an Aboriginal term meaning
'meeting place'

Sights In canberra

Australian war memorial

Black mountain tower

  • is museum, archives, art gallery and library
  • the names of people who died in the war of 1885 were engraved in bronze on the walls

  • is the national art museum in Australia as well as one of the largest art museums in Australia

National gallery of australia

  • at the top stands the Black Mountain Tower, also known as ''Telstra Tower''
  • it's a TV tower
  • the tower is 195 meters high

The climate

  • it is drier there than in the cities on the coast
  • highest temperature: 44,0°C on January 2020
  • lowest temperture:-10,0°C on July , 1971
  • snow falls once or twice a year
  • most rain falls in spring and summer
  • wind is not strong


  • the prime minister rules there
  • democratically elected
  • Queen Elizabeth II of the U.K. is Australia's head of states
  • altought the country has been independent since 1901, it is still a mornachy
  • Canberra doesn't have a city council and doesn't have it's own city government like other australian cities
=> the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly does both

The education system

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  • is known as the city with the highest level of education in Australia
  • many study posibilities
  • ACT schools are popular and have the best education posibilities in the country

  • because of the many government employees, many want the first-class education


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