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Voyage à dublin


avec Erasmus


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  • Ireland is an island in northwestern Europe located in the archipelago of the British Isles
  • Air distance Paris- Dublin (airplane - bird's eye view) is 781 km

To go to Dublin we had to fly from Orly to DUblin airport. The flight is about 2 hours.


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Places where I did my internships

My training period

The staff

My activities

The blow lounge at the intercontinental hotel is a 5 star hotel. I stayed there for 1 week. This salon is rather frequented by wealthy and demanding customers.

This salon is located in a university campus and is rather frequented by young students.

I have done several pedicures with an employee and Camille to train myself. The techniques of application of varnish are the same as in France as well as all other services for the beauty of hands and feet.

I carried out in its various living rooms of depilations with employees in particular the depilations of the half legs, the armpits, the forearms, the eyebrows and the lips.

Their techniques are similar to ours, the difference is that they wax the armpits with strips and not without strips.

In addition, the wax in the salon was of average quality, so it was complicated to work with.

During this internship I was also able to practice a permanent seeding varnish application to a client, as well as permanent seeding applications to employees and my fellow interns. The varnishes used in Blow salons are shellacs.

I have done several pedicures for an employee and Camille to practice. The techniques of application and varnish are the same as in France as well as all other services for the beauty of hands and feet.

There are many staff in the blow salons but I saw several employees in each salon including: Fellipe, Tiago, Bruna, Pedro, Rackel.

This salon is located in Lesson Street, it's an area where a lot of customers pass by. So there was always activity and people unlike other Blow salons.

This salon is located on a university campus and is frequented by students. But with the covid and the beginning of the school year, there were less customers.

My Host Family

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The family left us free, in the evening we could come home at any time as long as we sent a message to Addie.

Our family was located on Willbrook Street in South Dublin. We had about an hour bus ride to get to the city center and to our internships in general.

Addie is a nanny and Kevin is a rugby coach at UCD Dublin. The children were at school during the day. We also learned that Juliette spoke English and Gaelic in her school. The Gaelic language is the second language of Ireland.

The family left us free, in the evening we could come home at any time as long as we sent a message to Addie.

My host family was composed of a couple Addie and Kevin and their 3 children Dylan 21 years old, Juliette 11 years old and Bradley 8 years old.

This picture is a little anecdote. The first days every morning we had "French croissants" and we found it quite funny with Camille.

In the morning we had the right to bread with jam and cereals.
At noon the family prepared sandwiches for us.
In the evening we ate together with Camille.
Addie cooked really well and her dishes were very good and healthy.

During these four weeks I shared the room with Camille. Everything went very well and we had a great time, it also brought us closer and we keep a lot of memories of this trip.

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The Spire is a sculpture in the shape of a needle, one hundred and twenty meters high, whose end is illuminated. Its construction was completed on January 21, 2003 on O'Connell Street in Dublin, Ireland.

Museum of Guinness. We visited this museum to discover the making of Guiness with Camille, Léane and Lilou :)

First day in Dublin with the Erasmus class, visit of the city by Big Bus.

The temple bar is the oldest bar in Dublin.

O' connel street : Dublin city center.

View of the sea in Dublin.

Small thrift store in the center of Dublin.

It is one of the most impressive libraries in the world. It contains more than 200,000 books.
It was created between 1712 and 1732.
Several authors frequented this library, including the novelist who created the character of Dracula.
This library is located at Trinity College.

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There are 3 Gaelic sports: hurling, Gaelic handball and Gaelic soccer (a mixture of soccer, rugby and basketball!). It is the traditional sport in Ireland.
Just below is Croke Park where the Gaelic games are played.

Bonus pictures with my friends in Dublin