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by. michael tsokos





main character

why i chose the book

what fascinates me

controversy points

reactions of fans/critics




  • Body parts are seized from a private medical teaching institute
  • Paul Herzfeld recognizes a conspicuous Nazi tattoo
  • Proves that he has already dissected the man to whom this arm belongs
  • In his search for answers, Herzfeld comes so dangerously close to the culprits


  • Born: January 1967 in Kiel
  • Tsokos joined the German Armed Forces after Highschool
  • He studied medicine after serving in Braunschweig
  • he was involved in the exhumation and identification of bodies from mass graves
  • now he works as a forensic pathologist at the charite Berlin

Why did he start writing books?

  • he knows stories which no one can think of
  • liked writing since he was little
  • therapeutic for him
  • can make his characters do stuff he is not allowed to do in real life

Main characters

and side characters

Paul Herzfeld

main character

  • back in forensic medicine
  • everything goes well in his private life
  • proud of his daughter


side character

  • kidnaps and kills homeless people
  • from serbia
  • takes over criminal activities

Tom forde

side character

  • is a commissioner
  • reports to Paul Herzfeld
    • calls him because of a bomb on the 20th august

Controversy Points

in my opinions

  • The book overextends in some chap.

  • open ending

  • very interesting

  • very detailed

  • insight in the medical field

  • boring ending

  • detailed writing

  • autopsy is written very precise, very exciting

What fascinates me?

  • the insight in the forensic medicine

why i chose the book

  • very big fan of Mr. Tsokos
  • follow his work per media
  • writes good books about his experience

Reactions of fans/critics

and why are they controversal

  • fans:
    • very exciting
    • liked the story
    • disappointed because the end lost suspense
  • critics:
    • too many unnecessary chap.
    • didn't like the writing

of critics


  • many diffrent opinions
  • the majority of the reviews are positive

  • positive ratings: 87%
  • negative ratings: 4%

The book has always interesting events and takes the reader into the story.

I can recommend the book only to people who are interested in true crime and forensic medicine.

My Opinion