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My first Erasmus & Espagne

From local to global


9/11 - 15/11 novembre 2021

Benabi Dâlya

Terminal STMG 1

Lycée Darius Milhaud, Val de marne

we leave from Paris Terminal 3 to Seville for an incredible school trip

Let’s go

aeropuerto Orly

aeropuerto de Sevilla

Un voyage mémorable grâce au patrimoine de Séville et ses habitants .

  • escuela secundaria

idiomas Carlos V

this high school put us in touch with a typical luxurious Spanish high school

Le lycée Carlos V est le moteur de ce voyage et nous à mis en relation avec les familles d’accueil ainsi que le lycée

CEU San Pablo Sevilla

The student from the Lycée Darius Milhaud in Paris visit the Colegio CEU San Pablo Sevilla in a cultural and linguistic exchange

  • rencontre avec les élèves espagnol

  • Plaza de espana

my host family was such a lovely old lady who lived 10 minutes from this place, unfortunately I didn't take a picture with her

J’ai partagé ma chambre avec mon ami Safa ;) chez une dame si adorable et attentionné

Des gâteaux au chocolat a l’huile dolive !

La empresa Basilippo

we visited a company that makes olive oil. it was quite rewarding

  • Cordoue


it served as a temple until the deflnitive exclusion of the Jews

  • Cordoue

The mosque was enlarged three times in a row by the successors of Abd-Al-Rahman I, eventually covering 23,000 m2, and thus becoming the largest mosque in the world after that of Mecca. This mosque is not oriented with respect to Mecca.

C’est maintenant devenue une Église . Absolument Magniflque à regarder

° Alcazar de Sevilla

This is probably the oldest palace still in use in Europe: when King Felipe V is visiting Seville, this UNESCO World Heritage Palace is still his residence.

Thank u Erasmus and Darius Milhaud for this discovery

Alcazar De Sevilla