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Project-Crius Tactical

Presented by Orazio Ventura

Website Concept

The Website idea was to recreate a Firearms Training Company that offered services to both Civilian and Law Enforcements Agencies, but, also with few extra programs in mind like Couples and Team Building Exercises.

  • Html
  • Css
  • Bootstrap
  • Java (script)
  • Google Fonts
  • Scss

Programs used

  • Previous Experience
  • Sufficient Knowledge
  • Lack of better Ideas

Theme's Reasons

About me

Born and raised in Italy, i've always been a nerd with a paticular passion for Movies, Gaming and Airsoft.


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  • Bootstrap compatibility issues
  • Positioning
  • Sudden Memory loss of the last 2 months


  • Positioning
  • Bootstrap classes
  • !Important
  • What an HTML file is

Things Learned/Revisited

Overall help and support


Special Thanks

Overall help and support


Carousel specialist and for suggesting me this website


Just at being amazing!

Rest of the Class

Thank you!