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Chinese New Year


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the course of the feast

First day. This first day of the first lunar month "yuan dan" (Yuan: "the beginning" and dan: "the sunrise") ,...

Second day. This second day, the wishes and occupations of the "Spring Festival" continue.

On this third day, tradition dictates that mice should not be disturbed in any way.

The return of the tutelary gods is expected on the fourth day.

The fifth day marks the end of the distractions and celebrations of the Commemoration of the New Year.

To celebrate this man's day, his youth and longevity, the whole family gathered around a banquet "bai shou

The Lantern Festival


The first Chinese new year

Some people believe that Chinese New Year was born during the Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 BC), when people held sacrificial ceremonies in honor of gods and ancestors at the beginning or end of each year.. but it is also said that it was created in 1912, when the newly founded Republic of China officially adopted the Gregorian calendar, the country's leaders named the Lunar New Year to give it the name by which it is known today in China, the Spring Festival.

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The traditional meal

Chinese fondue, Chinese fish, ravioli, spring rolls, rice cake are meals usually eaten during the Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year parade has become since the late 1990s the most important street party in Paris. Proposed as a "carnival", it develops on several levels:
First, a vast parade that features the Asian associations of the neighborhood who are committed to offering a recreation and representation of "Chinese culture".
Then, a political scene that crosses, from the town hall of the arrondissement to the Élysée via the town hall of Paris, all the instances of political power that cultivate its relations with what he calls the "Asian community".
Finally a religious procession, almost invisible to the banal spectator, which starts from a hidden temple and offers the faithful a series of sacred statues.Every year there are more than 200,000 spectators

The parade




outfit worn by people

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The makeup

Chinese women often wear white face makeup to show that they do not work in the fields and therefore they are not poor. They put red and yellow to symbolize China

My opinion on the Chinese New Year is that it is beautiful with the parade and fireworks. This event is beautiful. I liked watching it on TV.

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