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Final Task

room tour of the white house

Student: Bonami Marie

Date 07/04/22

First state floor of the residence in Central Building
= Formal receptions

The State Dinning Room


140 guests

1828 : called The State Dinning Room

decorated for holidays by Mamie Eisenhower

1814 : modifications after the fire

Second Floor
=Family Residence

Queen's Bedroom


1902/1963 : The Rose room

Federal style

small sitting room

renovation in 1902

First floor of the West Wing

Press Briefing Room


1933: creation of the swimming pool

40 years after : creation of the Press Briefing Room

Rennovation of the room => small and dangerous

First Floor of the West Wing

The Oval Office


formal workplace

1909: structure expanded

1933: FDR mooved the Oval Office

style modern

Ground Floor of the East Wing

Kennedy Garden


also called "First Lady's Garden"

traditional century American garden

a lot of plants

outsides parades

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