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to telework or not to telework ?

Let's go !

Chapter 1:
Perks and downsides of teleworking


The Lockdown : an opportunity or a curse ?

  • He does not like being around other people
  • He prefers to work alone and being able to make his own schedule
  • He loves computers


  • He loves being surrounded with people
  • Loves working in a busy and stimulating environnement
  • He takes improv' classes


The story's protagonists

or is it ?

Using Virtual Reality, we can allie Micheal's and Jackson's visions of a workplace

Virtual Meeting using headset

Chapter 2:
Is vr a safe heaven or the Matrix ?

Easy to set up

creative and varied environnements

Advantages of working with VR

3d models and graphs

Cannot be used without wifi

Can be used to invade private life of workers

Causes a safety issue

The Inconvients of working with vr

Side effect may include, eye pain, headache, dizziness, vomiting, lost of the feeling of the time passing, long lasting eye deterioration, eldrich horror lurking in the shadow, creating an all powerful AI god, also duck

Chapter 3: new opportunities in new zealand

Where is new zealand ?

New zealand

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Lord of the ring
The Hobbit
The All Blacks
The Weta
Interessting culture
Surf spot
Being tricky to spot on a map

What is New Zealand famous for ?

Promoting teleworking in New Zealand

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Also, have you spotted all the ducks ?