Want to make creations as awesome as this one?


What characters of are you ?

choose the one who represents you the most :

⬛ Sensitive

⚪ motivated

⚫ loyal

⬜ Intelligent

Choose an animal :

⚫ dog

⬜ snake

⬛ cat

⚪ toad

what’s important about a ninja ?

⬜ Honour

⬛ Talent

⚪ corage

⚫ Loyalty

what’s important to you ?

⚫ Friends

⚪ The life

⬛ Passion

⬜ power

what do you do in your free time ?

⚫ you read

⬜ you been working out

⬛ you go out

⚪ you help people

Two people fighting what are you doing?

⚪ I’m trying to be a hero

⬜ it’s not my problem

⬛ people fight every day

⚫ I intervene without question

choose a dish

You are loyal, courageous, intelligent and hardworking. You pay attention to the people around you. You like to read but you don't like fighting because it exhausts you .


You are intelligent, talented, powerful, unsociable and lonely. You are a cold person. You like to play sports and for you honor comes first.


You are sensitive, shy and selfish. You like to go out when you have time. What is important to you is passion and talent.


You are motivated and courageous. For you, life is important. You like to help people even when you don't know them. You smile at people even when you are sad.