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Work of Cyriac CRÉTON

AXE : Technology Innovation

Presentation of the inflatable electric scooter called Poimo.

But where does this scooter come from ?

Japanese researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed
an inflatable electric scooter concept.

This machine is called Poimo, for POrtable and Inflatable MObility.

How does this thing compose ?

This scooter is very practical because it is easy to store and it inflates in just 71 seconds !

It has only five solid parts:
- two pairs of wheels
- an electric motor combined with a battery
- two handlebar handles in which a wireless drive is hidden.

Poimo consists of only two thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) bags, similar to inflatable mattresses.

It's advantages !!

- It would only weigh between

5.5 and 7.8 kilograms.

- Poimo would withstand a maximum pressure of 100 kg. Researchers would seek to improve its resistance in the near future.

- Its maximum speed is 30/35 km/h.

- Autonomy of 3h Total load in 45min/1h.

His real advantage of Poimo is to be transported in a simple backpack.

- AI present in the scooter (weather, road condition, battery, etc.)

It's advantages for society ?!

On the environmental side:

- 0 ejection of CO2.
- Silent for local residents in town.

- No oil and gasoline present.

How to finance the purchase of this futuristic scooter ??

- The price is $249.99 ( €229.20 ).

-It's possible to pay in several times ( in 10 mounths maximum)

- The device is guaranteed for 2 years.

- Delivery times are : 48h/72h

A service is available for all possible questions.

(contact poimo.savquestion@gmail.com)

Video presentation

I hope I’ve given you enough information !