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presentation of nutri-score

2)nitritional information

of the pastabox



1)introduction:presentationof nutri-score

there is diffrent level of nitri-score more at least 5 of as we can see on this graphic.

It's is a stored with 5 letters of the alphabet from A,B to E and also by color, green to red, which isestablished according to the nutritional value of the products .

2)nutritional information of pastabox

Average nutritional values for 100g

  • 0,9g little amount of sugars
  • 0,59g good amount of salt

  • 6,7g reduce amount of fat
  • 4,1 less amount of fatty acides saturated

3) Conclusion

According to the nutri-score we can advise that the pastabox is a good quality nutriment that can be consume because it containe less amount of surgar, fatty acidity and salt but it containe a good ammout of proteins and carbonhydrates that our body need . It's part of category B