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cet oiseau est magnifique


Great cormorant

I am a big chiken

  • family Phalacrocoracidae
  • 36 species
  • genus:Phalacrocorax

  • Place: Almost all the continent in the coasts or cliffs
  • description: aquatic bird
  • 45-100 cm
  • long body
  • weight:1,5-3,5
  • strong hooked beak
  • black feathers
  • life expectancy:20 years
  • eat:fish(of river or sea)
  • lay in spring and nest in colony
  • predator:bird of prey


freediving 2 min
generaly:dive at 10 meters depht and stay 30 second
domestication:for fishing in Asia
invasve bird:permission to hunt they with bird of prey

This genialy presentation was not necessary
I just want to show you the beauty of this bird

end of presentation