Want to make creations as awesome as this one?



Why are you punching me in the eye, psycho?

Anyways, what do we wish Kenny? Find out about this by clicking and solving the riddles.


Busted! I'm the first --> What do I stand for?

First K: my fifth letter is the second of the solution


Easy one, I'm the second K and none of your interest.


You found me! What do I refer to?

Third K: My second letter is the 8. and 10th letter of the solution

Find the solution. Mmmm-kay? Mmmm-kay? Mmmm-kay?

I'm pretty bold, am I not? Look for me.

One to rule them all! But no help for ya, little one.

Maybe you should tweet something about your progress in hurting Kenny?

Hey, I don't feel like doing more work. So just smash Kenny with objects.



o r v

Congrats! Kenny is lit as hell