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Slideshow made by ME

Things I already made in my life

(or not)

  • Try to find the easter eggs hide in the Slideshow !

I have already seen a waterfall in philippines and it's was awesome.

A waterfall...

Nothing here...

I have already done paddle board in philippines
and it's was so incredible.

Nothing here too...

I have already seen a tersier in Philippines and it's was... cute, I think.

This is not CUTE.

LOOK her eyes, it's not cute it's not an animal, it's the Devil

OH there are... nothing.

I have already been on a catamaran and it's was so funny.

I have already done catamaran in my life, (it's not fake).

Good job you found...nothing,LOL

I have already done scuba diving and it's was cool.

YEAHHH you found the real easter egg, good job

And finally, I have already seen the landscapes of the Philippines and it's was so beautiful.

Thanks for watching, bye !

Every "nothing here" are easter eggs I hope you found them