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presented by Valentine VANAZZI and Anoah WILPUTTE


  • cocci
  • gram positive
  • pairs (diplococci) or short chains
  • thirthy species
  • mains species ----> E.faecalis and E.faecium


  • cause ----> urinary/soft tissues/wounds infections

----> bacteremia, can lead heart problem
  • second or third most common agent in urinary tract infections (16%)
  • remarkable ability to adapt to teir environment
  • resistant to different antibiotics but can be treated
  • E.faecalis can be mortal


  • take place ----> humans, pets, livestock
  • can find ----> waters, ground, plants, gastrointestinal tract of animals
  • can be trasmitted ----> from person to person, food/restaurant, hospitals

Where and How

  • part of the commensal flora of our intestines
  • normal digestive function
  • contributes to the improvements of digestive disorders
  • strengthens the intestinal flora
  • helps stabilize it by promoting te development of beneficals bacteria and reducing bacteria at risk
  • antidote against bloating ----> anti cancer properties

----> beneficial effects on colesterol levels