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The Moon Camp

Challenge Presentation

Charline KADI - Interior & Structure


Surface View

Specification about Surface

2D View Map

Useful Rooms

Greenhouses & Plants

Coms & Lab Romms

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EXterior view

Let's see what the outside of the base might look like just by looking at my part.

Surface View

  • Outside only a tiny part of the base will be visible, as represented on my sketches, only the main entrance to the base and the garage will be visible from the surface.
  • The base will be located in a crater and will of course be protected by Iléana's protective dome thereafter.
  • The entrance is located in the supporting pillar of the dome.

Specification about surface base part

  • Corridors with airlocks can be used, some prototypes have already been used and some are even designed to be transported and unfolded on the Moon !
  • Thanks to Théo's system, its airlocks make it possible to recycle the air and the humidity of the body in order to create drinking water !
  • At the end of the corridor, an elevator will be installed to access the underground base !


Let's see what the inside of the base might look like just by looking at my part.

MAP of the Base interior

Here is a 2D view of the base plan with all the parts necessary for the proper functioning of the base.

Here are rooms which for me are very important, a place to manage the systems of the base (Maintenance room 01), another to be able to sleep and rest (Bedroom 02), another to be able to store and repair the automatons between the surface and the underground base (Garage 03) and a room where the astronauts can eat and drink (Kitchen 04).

4 rooms in isometric view





  • Two greenhouses will be placed in the base, one will be used exclusively to supply food for the astronauts and recycling the oxygen of the base like the other one. The second can accommodate different plants used for research and other...A VMC will take care of transporting oxygen throughout the base.
  • Also at different places of the base "green" facilities with plants will be placed to convert CO2 into oxygen in all corners of the base. Also, it will give a friendlier look to the base.

GreenhouseS & Plants

  • A communication room will connect the lunar base to Earth, all mission orders and research data will be stored and sent there.
  • Testing rooms and a laboratory will be present in the base, a storage room for the various samples will be present to ensure that the samples will be kept safe

Coms& Lab Rooms

Fixing of furniture

Objects, storage boxes and furniture will be fixed to the walls using triangular metal structures with holes to hang the furniture. This metal structure will be present in all the rooms and also helps to support the base underground.

Global Aspect



Théo SAS

Iéana Dôme

Charline Base Surface

Charline Base Underground


Charline KADI T STI2D
Student 3 - Base Interior