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Tunnat + Baks, Englisch 7d, May 4, 2022

Present Perfect

Today's class

1. Warm-up: Translation

2. Walk and Talk: Find someone who ...

3. Exercises

Warm-up: Translation


Write down the sentences and translate them into English.

1. Gestern habe ich einen Apfel gegessen.

3. Ich habe noch nie ein Buch gelesen.

2. Letztes Jahr war ich die(der) Beste.

Yesterday, I ate an apple.

Last year, I was the best.

I have never read a book.

Walk and Talk


Find someone who ...

... has done the things on the handout. Try to fill in everything!

Ask: "Have you ever been to another country?"

Answer: "Yes, I have been to Italy."



Please do the exercises on the handouts.