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The Mexican-American War

(1846 - 1848)


01 Sovereignty: the American Indenpendence

02 The Frontier

03 Westward Expansion: the Louisiana Purchase

04 Manifest Destiny

Key concepts


The American Independence

- July 4th, 1776.

- Caused by opposition to British control over the colonies.

- Heavy taxation, which increased as a way to crush rebellion.

- Colonists wished to protect their interests and seek more self-determination.


The Frontier

- Idea developed by the historian Frederick Jackson Turner.

- The line between colonized lands and the rest of the teritories in the West

- The goal was to push the line as far as possible thanks to annexations and the settling of Pioneers.

"The Americanization of the Continent"


The Louisiana Purchase

- 1803.

- Under president Thomas Jefferson, Louisiana was bought from France.

- It doubled the size of the country.

- Jefferson thought Indians could move there, leaving their lands open for White settlers. This process is know as "Indian Removal".


Manifest Destiny.

- 1845

- It was coined by an editor and columnist, John O' Sullivan.

- The idea that Americans had the divine mission of expending throughout the continent to spread civilization.

- It was used as a justification for the annexations of territories such as Oregon, Texas, New Mexico and California.

- There was also some opposition: some thought that it was too agressive of a doctrine and was simply used to justify war.