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men' m

the 3


I- introduction

the contexte of the story

hello 3'm chronicle followers, here we are going to talk about a crime as mysterious as the people they did it. We are going to talk about the theft of jewels at the festival of cane which is a very famous and secure world festival, we are going to talk about the crime which made horror in this festival. This jewel theft is done by three men called the 3' m who are unknown to the whole world they are a black hole they suck up everything around them with elegance and delicacy.

for more information on our mysterious men follow our mysterious chronicle, which will introduce us to the 3'm and their crime


so first we will see how the 3'm myth has arrived

We know that these three men were born in Manchester a big city known for its trafficking activities , so we assume that they grew up in a the world of trafic , so we call them the 3'm because they live in Manchester we also think that the 3'm are brothers .

these three men their origins and the thirst for money these three men had as goals to have the money and to be forgotten take their money and leave, they did not want to be known and to be in the head of the posters of the biggest criminal of the world, but it happened we make that speak about them, but they always have the image to be kings of the stars in their circles of robbery, hides that we notice a robbery and that it is made with elegance and its fearful we know then that the 3' m passed by it


So the festival lasts for 12 days in May, it goes on like every year with great success, but this year, the 3'm arrive to go in and out without anyone seeing or hearing them arrive, we heard that one of the rarest fabergé eggs will be present to be put on display for one of the films presented in the festival, which of course attracted the attention of the whole world but also our three brothers who came from Manchester to pick it up and leave.

II-the relationship between the cane festival and the 3'm

The "Rothschild Fabergé egg", whose existence was until recently known only to its owners, was sold on Wednesday 28 November for almost £9 million (€12.5 million), breaking the record for a Russian object at auction.Nov 29, 2007

Although the House of Fabergé was first and foremost a jewellery house, today the name is undeniably associated with the famous Fabergé eggs. Fabergé eggs are incredible and marvellous precious objects, halfway between absolute luxury and a work of art. They fetch very high prices and are sought after by the most fortunate collectors.

fabergé eggs





we have 3 locations of the egg, we do not know exactly where the egg is, the people who manage the security of the egg did not want to give the right location to be sure of its security. The egg is secured in a dipplomatic way because here not only a work is going to be stolen but a heritage. If the egg breaks or gets lost there will be a big conflict between all the countries. So in each location we find the same number of security men and the same program.

La Villa Rothschild , This is the first location . this villa is in Cannes, we took this place because it is very symbolic and remains aristocratic, there are 20 guards around the villa with 10 watchmen with guard dogs and the doors are closed except for the people who present the cards as they are either actors of the film where the egg is present or they are directors of the festival.

Cannes and the cinema where the festival takes place, we think that the egg can be present in the same place where the festival takes place to prevent any movement with the egg but it is also risky because there is a lot of activity during the 12 days so anyone can enter, there are more than 50 guards who are around the room where the egg is and 25 with guard dogs

JW Marriott Cannes, former Palais des Festivals is our destination, this place is one of the biggest hotels of Cannes known with its big rooms. There are more than 100 guards around the hotel including the hotel security, the hotel is not far from the Cannes festival and is on the last floor of the hotel in the last room reserved for the presidents and kings of the world

be afraid of the calmest person in the room

thomas shellby

Richard Branson

In France, he is most famous as the former owner of Virgin Megastores (sold in 2001 to Lagardère SCA and bought by Butler Capital Partners in December 2007). He is also the creator, among others, of Virgin Atlantic (air transport), Virgin Cola (soft drinks), Virgin Racing (car racing team), Virgin Trains (rail transport), Virgin Mobile (mobile telephony), Virgin Active (gyms), Virgin Money UK (finance) and Virgin Galactic (space tourism1).

Richard Branson is the 261st richest person in the world according to Forbes magazine 2009, with a fortune estimated at approximately £2.6 billion ($3.9 billion2).

As of July 11, 2021, he is also the first billionaire in history to have made a trip to the edge of space aboard his Virgin Galactic VSS Unity spacecraft.

Bernie Ecclestone

Bernard Charles Ecclestone, also known as Bernie Ecclestone, born on October 28, 1930 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England, is a British businessman who was for a time the owner of Brabham, a Formula 1 team, before establishing himself as the boss of Formula 1, of which he is considered for four decades as the "big money". Ecclestone revolutionized the world of the sport by turning it into a profitable business that did away with the amateurism and atmosphere of the early days. He amassed a fortune considered by the specialized magazines as the sixth largest in Great Britain. His thirty-year "reign" came to an end in January 2017, following the 100% takeover by the American group Liberty Media of Delta Topco, the holding company that owns the commercial rights to Formula 11.

Hugh Grosvenor

He was known by the courtesy title of Earl Grosvenor until his father's death on August 9, 2016, when he inherited (by virtue of the rule of male primogeniture1) the family titles and huge fortune (estimated at over €9 billion), as well as the real estate company Grosvenor Group2, becoming the richest nobleman in Britain1.

When he was born, his father said, "He was born with the longest silver spoon in his mouth, but he can't just suck on it; he has to give back what was given to him "1.

He appeared in the Paradise Papers in 2017 because of offshore trusts held in tax havens3.


for this presentation of feberge is not everyone who was inviting the number of person is limit masi also the invitation is to send a certain class of person in the world there were only persons who were invited by the bilais of the surname , their wealth and influence in the aristocratic world .

Invitations were given anynonime and hand-to-hand.
that is to say that the 3'm are part of this world and they have again this invitation to their true name .
Let’s look for the invite list.

list of person present in the presentation of the film

here presnet we have the list of men present at the egg presentation we will see the men who seems most suspicious to be the 3'm

our three suspects


hugh grosvernor we think is one of the 3'm because above all he is british and he came from Manshenster he came spacialemet for this unique presentation in the world , he is above all rich , he is a duke , he comes from an aristrocrat family .

We know that the duke lived in the Villa Rothschild so we think that he had it made to be in the same place the egg.

Richard Branson


  • Richard was present in the morning he was in the festival he was there at the beginning of the presentation of the egg but around 12 he disappeared

Bernie Ecclestone

And for the last suspect he was in the hotel in the same flor than the egg so we can belive he was following 'it


he was in the hotel for 2 days and he only wanted to be on the top floor of the hotel and insisted in an almost dangerous way

after the egg was stolen we noticed that the room on the third floor was empty but still reserved.

Hugh Grosvenor

our first suspect who is part of the misterious 3'm

Richard Branson is our second Mr. M, so we want to know where to find him


the reel localisation

The place where the egg was persent was in the cinema and cane festival because it was the most simple and easy to put the egg without needing to move it, but unfortunately the 3' m were more ineligent and faster to do it.

How the robbery happened

how the robbery happened

the robbery happened on the day of the presentation, it happened during the morning. our 3'm were back at the festival taking pictures like normal people.
They spent the morning laughing with the others with courtesy they saw the film so during the presentation of the egg the duke, the first person of the 3'm stayed seated he showed me a little nervous as he is young and he is afraid for his image of duke in the world, the other two got up with a 30 minute interval, richard went to talk with some people who were very close to the egg so bernard went to distract the guards who were around the egg, the duke went to take the egg to give it at the end of the morning to bernard who left the country directly. It is important to know that when the Duke stole the egg he exchanged it for a fake one, which is why it took a while before he noticed the theft.
The egg is still being searched for now that we know the 3'm which makes it more difficult to find our stolen egg.

Thank you!