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Presented by Le Nôtre Carla and Le goff Jalane

Oral on food waste

  • High School healthy waste
  • Graphic
  • Countries most affected by lack of food
  • Why stop waste ?
  • Goals tofight against food waste
  • Strategy
  • Campaign with slogan


  • Convince that our approach is interesting

High School healthy waste

Each student wastes about 150 g of food per lunch.

2000 students eat at the self-catering at noon this costs us 300 kg of food thrown away per lunch.

This amounts to 5400 kg of food thrown awayin the month

Be careful, we are only talking about lunch and not the evening mealfor interns, the figures will be even higher !


The countries most affected by the lack of food

Le Nigéria

Le Yemen

Le Sud Soudan

  • Le sud Soudan
  • Le Nigéria

  • Le Yemen

It's time to act, it's timeto changeour habits to adopt a more environmentally friendly position and this happens on our plate.

In France, food losses and waste represent 10 million tonnes of products per year and 3 percent of greenhouse gases.

Why stop food waste ?

The objective is to reduce the quanties wasted by half.








-We are going to do a poster campaign to fight against food waste

-Purpose of the poster : reach people with our slogan.

-There will also be the logo of the association " au goût du jour " which is in communicaton with the schcool to fight against waste.


Don't miss a beat,finish your plate !

Eating is good,throwingaway your fears


Our campaign is interesting because it will encourage people to realize the consequences that food waste has on the environment.