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1. Introduction

2. Development

3. Conclusion

Diversity news

1) Platform that offer you a vast and diverse amount of daily information !

2)Mostly free,to make money we use differents advertising !
3)You can have several advantages
with the prenium subscribing!

Differents categories


There are all types of categories, not one especially.

There is politics,music,sport even news and games for kids!

We don't apply even impose targeted news.We know that in any case, you're data have to be personal, and it don't have to be shared by anyone or be in wrong hands.You have to know that it will be the same for any spam it will never be related to your browsing history.

We care about your safety !

Protect the youth


We are monitoring youth ! If they want or even try to have an access to mature content ,the site will automatically block the content.

How we determine that youth is using our site? if people want to read or watch a violent video or article they will have to do a test and if they failed it, their content will be restricted! But childrens can research on internet? No because we established a system that block the internet browser.

We are always supervising youth don't forget it!

Premium subscription


It offer you a lot of advantages,like the fact that you can record any video, you can read an article without an internet connection and finally you can write your own article

Premium subscription