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is whole a story;




2. History of sinphonic music

1. Presentation of Joseph haydn

3. my favorite music

4. Evolutionary frieze part 1

5. Evolutionary frieze part 2

6. My reason and the music


Joseph haydn

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Symphonic music and born in the middle of the 18th century Thanks to Joseph Haydn a very great composer as well as Mozart.

Mozart baptizes him his Papa Haydn, it is in reference to the kindness and benevolence of the composer as well as his relentlessness to work in the heart of his time.

Joseph Haydn,

the father of sinphonic music

Part 3

Part 1

Part 2


concerto grosso

Symphonic music was not born from the first rain. It took many centuries, style and discovery of other musical genre to arrive at the symphony. All first there was the chamber music which to one or more soloists, but which is also a small set of instrument in the field of amateur and professional. So at the beginning of the 17th century we will have an orchestra still fragile composed essentially of a base of improvisation with rubbed strings, and sometimes these circumstances some additional instruments “flutes, oboes, book cornets (later trumpets), bassoons, and sometimes trombones...
It is only in the Baroque period that composers begin to understand the interest of an orderly orchestra in greater numbers, with families that we all know:
The ropes, the copper,
wood and percussion

History of sinphonic music

But it is not finished there is still a lot of work to arrive at the symphonic music. The old musical style such as concerto grosso, suite, sonata... evolves quickly understanding the interest of this type of formation. It was therefore at the beginning of the 18th century that new genre appeared as the soloist concerto and later the symphony with Joseph Haydn.

Symphonic music and therefore an ensemble of musical works and styles and not just classical symphonic music. The proof being that in the 19th century new musical style appears like the symphonic poem, the ballet, or even the fantastic and imaginary theatrical symphonic music.

my favorite music (hugo)


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The music barocs

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The music of room

15 th and 16 th centery

Half of the 16th century

Simphonic music

Concerto grosso

Date of first aparition 1670

Late 17th century

Concerto de soliste

18th century

" If everyone had goodness and a heart open to others and their work, the world would be much different and more attractive. Understanding others and understanding them have even remained a challenge for the world. "

hugo varao gomes da silva

My choice

the reasons of my choice

Here’s my remix

I chose this type of music because, fantastic and imaginary symphonic music, makes me want to imagine any kind of scene whether it is fantastic or not, achievable or not. Fantastic symphonic music for me is the way to escape, and to let go my imagination without embarrassment or constraint. I love it so much that it fills my heart with joy and warmth. While music with words, it forces people to have a specific vision of things and to understand a particular subject. While, with fantastic symphonic music we can go everywhere and the vision of others will always be different from ours because their desire and expectation are not the same.

I expect from a music that faces me in my Body to have the strength, the audacity and the power to change the things to which no man had the idea that would help and make the world happy, and to do the unthinkable, to see become possible. Its for its that fantastic symphonic music remixed is also very interesting. To each his fantasies to think... but to consider them and the masterminds it is not the same thing.