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OBJECTIFS: -Lexicaux : vocabulaire technologie, entreprise
-Pragmatiques : intervenir dans une conversation simple

Brainstorm: What words ( english) comes to your mind when you see those ?

Tips : on your phones, computers, TV's, even your fridge if you're rich enough

Déduire ce qu'est la Silicon Valley a partir de vos réponses ( en Anglais evidemment )

Who is Marissa Mayer ?

What does she do for a living?

do for a living : gagner sa vie

Using this short video and your knowledge, ( and some research but only IN ENGLISH ) establish the main categories of a biography. What are the different parts, themes, and subjects ?

Trace ecrite

Silicon Valley is located in California, near San Francisco. In this area, many of the world’s largest Technology corporations, such as Apple, Google, Amazon were born.

It was named after the silicon which is present in most of the products manufactured here, such as microchips.

Vocabulaire :
enable : Permettre / benefits : Avantages / user : Utilisateur / user-friendly : Intuitif , facile a utiliser / convenient : Pratique

Tips : non rien

Marissa mayer


Use "WH" questions to describe the document ( What, when, why , where, how, etc )

De grandes chances que ce soit dans l'évaluationt

The biography

"an account of someone's life written by someone else."

Vocabulary :

- childhood : enfance / achievements : accomplissements / self-made man : autodidacte

/ drop out of school : arreter l'école / Ivy League : groupe de huit université aux Etats Unis, les plus

anciennes et prestigieuses .

- Stubborn : têtu / Hard-worker : bosseur, qui travaille dur

- be hired :Etre engagé / be fired : Etre licencié / CEO : Patron, chef d'entreprise /

Computer Engineering : Ingénierie informatique / makers : Fabricants / cashiers : Caissiers /
workers : Travailleurs , ouvriers / grocery store : Epicerie / unemployment : Chomage /

jobless : Sans-emploi

FAmous entrepreneurs

6 famous innovators:

- Tim Cook

- Jensen Huang

- Lisa Su

- Marc Benioff

- Brian Humphries

- Michael Dell

There is so much money on this slide, it's ridiculous.

In groups, pick one of them, then write a 1 minute long text, that one of you will read to the class. You can do your own research on internet of course, but all the research HAS to be in ENGLISH

6 Famous entrepreneurs

« Some of the Silicon Valley makers studied in Ivy League universities, others are school dropouts”

“They all had a keen interest in computer science”

. ) S'inspirer des methodes utilisées par les biographies

2 ) Solo work : Every member of the groups reads articles, extracts about your target to find "key elements"

3 ) Everyone shares their findings with the group

4 ) Sare your work with the class . The rest of the class has to take some notes about your mini-biography

5 ) The whole class finds the common points between the CEO's

Third step : Amazon Go : Job Killer ?



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Trace Ecrite collaborative :

- What is Amazon Go ?

- How do you think it will affect the future of supermarkets?

- Do you think it's a good idea ?

New York Post article : Inside Amazon’s robot-run supermarket that needs just 3 human workers

Do we really want this ?

- Read the article from the New york post.

- Using your reading and your personal knowledge, find three reasons why the Amazon Go model is not sustainable . What could be changed ?

Exercise : Write an email to your senator, you're a cashier at Walmart in Kentucky and you heard about an Amazon supermarket;. You fear you might lose your job so you express your conern to your senator.

* A short text ( more or less 10 lines ) , in the form of a professional e-mail, using the vocabulary we learned

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Working in the silicon valley

The Perks of being here

Concerned about the kids? Childcare is on campus.

Need to shop and cook? Have the family dine at Google.
Dirty laundry piling up? Bring it in to the office. Bring Fido too, so he doesn’t get lonely.

There’s a climbing wall, nap pods (lay down in the capsule, set the alarm, and zzzzz), a bowling alley, multiple gyms, a variety of healthy cafes, mini kitchens, and classes on anything from American Sign Language to Public Speaking.The company has no policy requiring people to be at work.
But officials say Googlers want to come in.“We work hard to create the healthiest, happiest and most productive work environments possible that inspire collaboration and innovation,” said spokeswoman Katelin Todhunter-Gerberg.

What kinds of perks do we gain by working in the Silicon Valley ? Classify them .
Let's agree on the best one.
Can this working environment inspire collaboration and innovation? Why?

Elizabeth Holmes

When succes get to your head


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- Listen to the BBc's podacst about Elizabeth Holmes.
- At first, try to understand what was Elizabeth's business . Was it a good idea ? Could it be revolutionnary?

- What could be the consequences of such an innovation? for workers, the economy, the general public...

Holme's 2nd part

-What kind of person is Elizabeth Holmes ? What does the journalist says about her ?

- What is this "revolutionnary invention" ? (for this question we'll do some research together, try to get as many details as possible in the Audio nevertheless)

- What does the journalist says about Silicon valley's problem ? Could it explain the rise of Elizabeth Holmes ?

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Trace ecrite


The Silicon valley is without doubt a place of innovation.

Technological innovation of course, but also on another level. The new inventions coming out of the Silicon Valley help shape our daily lives, it can be like Amazon and their Amazon Go project, or even new models of phones from Apple for example.

The problem is that sometimes, this unchecked race for progress brings a toxic environment to the workplace of dozens of employees. This is why Tech companies are trying to make life easier for their workers.

Another issue, is that this constant race for progress also brings crooks, and ill advised people. People like Elizabeth Holmes who are ready to lie about everything to achieve a certain degree of success.

Evaluation : Here we go

Option 1 :

- You are a Walmart employee, you heard that Amazon wants to build an Amazon Go store near your house.
Write a letter to your Senator expressing your concerns and your fears.

Option 2 :
- You are a Young inovator who wants to work at Google because of all the perks. Your best friend thinks it is not a good idea to chose a job simply because there are advantages. Imagine the conversation

Both options must be at least 10 lines lon. each of them must be written in the right form ( Letter / Conversation)