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Pratical Informations

Getting around

Sightseing, places of interest and main attraction to see

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Air/Fer routes


  • 4 Clinics
  • 12 Hospitals
  • SAMUR : 112
  • Red Cross emergencies : 91 335 45 44
  • Home Emergencies : 061 or 91 409 55 30

  • Sping : <12°C April --> <21°C June
  • Summer : warm and dry air : <25°C
  • Automn : >15°C October --> >7°C December
  • Winter : col and dry air : >6°C

  • Security Index : 69.86 %
  • Crime Index : 30.03 %
  • Comisaría de Chamberi Rafael Calvo, 33 28010 Madrid, España. Tel. : +34 91 322 3268

Underground : Ruben Dario (green line, L5) more than 2' walk

  • One airport
  • 2 Main Train stations
  • 2 Secondary Train stations

Pratical informations

Meteo in Madrid

Getting Around

- More than 200 lines
- Airport direct line
- Between 6:00 a.m to 11:30 p.m
- Night buses, 26 lines, 11:55p.m to 5:00 a.m
- 1.50 euros : sigle ticket
- 12.20 euros : 10 travels

- 13 lines
- Between 6:00 a.m to 11:30 p.m
- Tarjeta Multi, transport card, 2.50 euros
valid for 10 years
- 30 days subscription

- 11 lines
- 7 zones + 1 eco zone
- Between 5:00 a.m to 12:00 p.m
- +Renfe & Tú :
- Nominative (2 euros)
or not (0.50 euros)

- Evry days
Price per kilometre :
-Week days from 6:00 a.m
to 9:00 p.m : 1.10 euros
- Weekend and holidays : 1.35 euros

Places to go

Things to buy

Original Souvenirs & handicraft

  • Maps of Madrid's neighborhoods illustrated by Relajaelcoco or Ricardo Cavolo (Walk With Me)
  • Arbouse Liquor (Mariano Madrueño wine cellar in the Lavapiés district)
  • Beautifull sapnish porcelain (San Miguel Artesanía in the Plaza de San Miguel street)
  • Fean without canvas, lace, smooth, with hand-painted flowers (Casa de Diego in the Puerta del sol district)

Tree districts for shopping :

  • Salamanca
  • Chueca
  • La puerta del sol district
    • Monday to Friday from 10am to 2pm and from 5pm to 8pm
    • Saturday morning.

Sunday shopping :

  • Rastro district market
    • Biggest market of Spain
    • Open on morning

Time For Shopping !

Sightseing, places of interest and main attraction to see

Top 10 Main Touristic cits

  • The Plaza Mayor
  • The Puerta del Sol Square
  • The Prado Museum
  • The Templo de Debod
  • The Mercado de San Miguel
  • El palacio Real
  • The Retiro Park
  • The Royal Botanical Garden
  • The Temple of Amon (Debod)
  • The Arena of Las Ventas

The Retiro Park

Top 5 main visiting places

  • Prado Museum
  • Reina Sofia Museum
  • Spanish national library
  • The Cine Doré
  • The Royal Theater

Top 5 main attraction to see

  • The Parque de Atracciones of Madrid
  • The Abismo
  • The VR Virtual Recall Park & ​​Academy
  • The Zoo aquiarium of Madrid
  • Faunia

The Royal Theater

The Parque de Atracciones



- Tapas (UNESCO World Heritage)
Typical Spanish appetizer accompanied by a drink, which is very popular thanks to its infinity of variety. Traditionally the person must go from bar to bar to eat the best tapas of this one.
- The Paeilla
The typical Spanish dish whose name comes from the pan where it is prepared, originally from Valance, this dish based on round rice, the recipe varies depending on the region.
- The Sangrilla
Typical Spanish drink composed of red wine and distilled alcohol, orange, lemon, apples, sugar peaches and cinnamon preferably rested 24h.
- Horchata de Chufa.
Valencia specialty sweet drink made from tiger nut tubers (chufa) It is sometimes served with crushed ice (granizado). It is traditionally eaten with rolls called fartons.

Dinner's Ready!

Best Restaurants

According to the Michelin Guide

- The Zalacain

-Calle Álvarez de Baena, 4, 28006
- Avarage price : 110-120 Eu
- Classic spanish cuisine
- Monday to Saturday (Except on public hollidays), 1:00p.m to 3:45p.m and 9:00 to 11:45 p.m
- Master Card, Visa and American Express credit card OK
- The Desencaja
- Paseo de la Habana, 84, 28016
- Avarage price : 40-80 Eu
- Traditional Spanish cuisine
- Tuesday to Saturday (Except on public hollidays), 2:00p.m to 3:00p.m and 9:00p.m to 11:00p.m
-Master Card, Visa and American Express credit card OK



The Zalacain Restaurant

A plate of tapas from the Kaza café

January - March

Events agenda

Carnaval (A whole week of January) :
Every year, on the Friday before Shrove Tuesday, Madrid celebrates Carnival, the most popular spanish festival in the world, which fills the streets with music, colour and laughter
in the city.

Madrid en Danza Festival (April - June):
Each year, Madrid en Danza mixes the new with so-called “safe” values, thanks to a program that brings together great figures from the world of dance and promising young talents. Although the main objective of the festival is to present the new aesthetic and thematic tendencies of the national dance, there is also an international section devoted to several fields during each edition.

April - June

Jully - September

El Rel Leon (September) :
The Lion King is one of the most universal musicals that has already won over 100 million viewers worldwide. Its breathtaking staging, the animated sculptures that are small masterpieces and the evocative music widely known to all have made this show one of the main attractions of the city of Madrid. The Lion King celebrates its eighth uninterrupted season in theaters and thus becomes the first musical to break this record in Spain.

October - December

- Emociones: Flamenco Show (novembre- dicember) :
This show, in which all the nuances of this art, listed as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO, is performed by a group of high-level artists who reveal their talent as dancers, guitarists, percussionists and singers. Thus, styles such as dance with a dress with a train, flamenco in couple, singing and guitar solos, are brought together in a varied program.

The dancer Ursula Moreno during the flamenco show of 2021

The dancer Ursula Moreno during the flamenco show of 2020

El Rey Leon during the representation of 2020

A Madrid carnival parade

Enjoy A Drink

  • 2 Bar you can't Miss in Madrid

  • The 1862 Dry Bar (Calle del Pez, 27, 28004)
This Cocktail-baris the first place you must to go when searching for cocktail bars in Madrid. The owner, Alberto, oppened his bar nine year ago and he stay a reference for the capital. 1862 Dry Bar is an homage to the year when the very first book of cocktails was published by Jerry Thomas. It continues to enjoy its righteous reputation as a place where you can get a cocktail made perfectly every time, plus a ranking in the Top 500 Bars.

  • La Santoria (Calle de Lope de Vega, 30, 28014)
La Santoría surprise with their imaginative décor. Everything is wrapped in intrigue and mystery, starting with the entrance: a black door with no sign in the middle of Barrio de las Letras. Inside is a wondrous shrine of mysticism and kitsch. Pictures of saints and rosary beads flicker under candle light. Crosses, flowers and dark moody lighting expertly conjure the magic and mysticism of the Afro-Latino religion, la Santería. Keeping with the mystical theme, you can even get tarot readings done at the bar every Thursday.

  • 2 Drinks You must To try in Madrid

  • The Kalimotxo
This drink is found in the majority of bars because it is easy to make and is very popular with Spanish people and tourists alike. It is a cocktail with equal parts of low-end wine and Coca-Cola mixed to obtain a sweet and sour taste. This drink is very appreciated accompanied with squid tapas

  • The Cava
The Cava is a is a sparkling wine produced in Catalonia that has a taste similar to cider but is made with the Champagne method it resuscitated the AOP label. This dink is accompanied with omelettes or tortillas or a pear cake, it can also be used to make a sangrilla.

Sport, leisure activities and nature

  • Main Sports Activities in Madid

  • Soccer
    • The King of sport all around the world but in Spain, watching soccer in a bar has become a tradition
  • walking and running
    • Madrid's parks and green spaces offer endless opportunity to run around the city. There are many free running clubs for experienced and casual athletes. The two most popular racing competitions are the Rock'n'Roll Marathon and San Silvestre Vallecana
  • Bullfighting
    • Bullfighting became popular in Spain at the end of the 18th century and it still is today. Madrid is home to one of the most important bullrings in the country, Las Ventas, and the bullfighting season runs from March to October. Although it is inextricably linked to Spanish history and culture, it is controversial both by foreigners and locals.

  • Famousest Sport Club in Madrid

Real Madrid Club de Fútbol :

The legendary soccer club which received the honorary title of the greatest club of the 20th century from FIFA. This club won 13 times the Champions League, 4 times the UEFA supercup as well as 3 times the intercontinetal Cup.

Real Madrid Baloncesto :

A Spanish basketball club belonging to the Liga ACB, the highest level of the Spanish championship. Based in Madrid, it is a section of Real Madrid Club de Fútbol. We call them Los Blancos or Los Merengues. This clus won 5 times the intercontinetal Cup, 10 the Euroligue, 4 times the Saporta Cup as well as 1 time the EuroCup.

The logo of the football club as well as that of basketball