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The Auto market is saturated in the United States by industry like "Ford", "BMW", "Honda" or "Chevrolet". But, one is promise to a good future and is very better. Her name is the famous industry "Tesla Motors".


Co-founder of Paypal, founder of Space X.

31 March 2022


First of all, Tesla Motors was founded by Marc Tapernning and Martin Eberhard in 2003. They wanted to "prove that electric cars is better than gasoline cars".

The Good Trio

The famous and richman celebrity Elon Musk, co-founder of Paypal, founder of Space X, invest a lot of money in Tesla Motors. On the future, Elon Musk join there business and become the co-founder of Tesla.

"Prove that electric cars is better than gasoline cars"

The name of the industry is was take in memory of Mr. Tesla, a enginer was specialized on electric products and objects of Serbia.

The famous industry was created in United States on California in the Silicon Valley.

Today, Tesla is expended into the world. Indeed, they have many industry of cars in the United States and in China. Tesla have 438 shops into many countries like France, England, Germany and Italia. But to in Australia. They have one hundred services centers.

The tesla world

Today, the famous mark have a capitalization of $900 billion. The best car selled by Tesla is named Tesla Model 3. The car cost 100.000$ full customs. But it's a very futurist car model. You have a autopilot, a big autonomy. You can sleep in the car, play at video games and the car is very speed !!! Tesla have a big selection of cars of you.

Tesla Model 3

World Representation of favourite electric cars in countries.

The reason of the success of the auto shop Tesla is probably the performance, the price and the famous statues of the enginers. Tesla have a good reputations but not for everyone...

Autopilot is danger ?


Despite the amazing succes of Tesla Motors into the world, many people doesn't like Tesla Motors. For a lot of reasons. Like the reability. For exemple : In Saouth Korea, people denounces the "False Autonomy"' of the cars. But, other people doesn't trust the autopilot of the car.

Tesla, The Definition of Succes

In conclusion, Tesla Motors is the defenition of the succes. Start on a start-up and become one of the best industry car with a big reputation. Everyone like Tesla (but not korean, russian and complotist). Tesla is promise to a very good future. They have many ambitions and level up everyday. They have a big avance comparate to the other automarker.

By James Davenport