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The city that looks like a romantic getaway


1. Presentation of the city

2. The description and the view

3. Odours of Santorini

4. The specialties

5. The sounds of the island

6. The available activities

7. Conclusion

Presentation of the city

Where is Santorini ?

- Island in the Aegean Sea.

- Belongs to Greece.

More specifically...

- Located in the Cycladic archipelago.

- 15 000 inhabitants.
- Main city : Fira.
- 30 millions tourists in 2017.

The description and the view

The landscape

The blues roofs

The ribs

The streets


What does it smell like on the wonderful island ?

- Restaurants

- The Aegan Sea
- The vacation and the summer
- The happiness
- The " moussaka" and the "pastitsio"

The specialties

The menus

- Moussaka

- Pastitsio
- Tomatokeftedes

The sounds of the island

What do we hear in Santorini ?

- The waves

- The voice of people
- Children's laughter

The available activities

What to do on the paradise island ?

- Cruises

- The sunset
- Walking on Fira
- Visit archeological sites
- Visit the red beach

Or else...

- Three Bells of Fira

- The castle of St Nicholas
- Panagia Kalamiotissa
- The village of Oia


Why should you absolutely visit Santorini ?