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The transparent television

Why buy a transparent television?


  • System audio
  • 3 HDMI
  • 2 USB
  • Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Measures only 5.7 mm

His characteristics

The Mi TV Lux Transparent Edition is a television, is based on a round base, integrating an audio system with two speakers. The base includes two USB and three HDMI, for the connectivity, Xiaomi offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. With its Wi-Fi connection, this TV gives you the opportunity to download apps or movies directly. The TV measures only 5.7 mm over its entire height and costs €6,500.

What does she have more than the others ?


  • Fluid navigation
  • There are all the usuall options
  • Transparent but no invisible
  • doesn't close the room, extends the space of the house
  • competitive price

His advantages

The television is also equipped with several artificial intelligence systems that adjust and optimize the sound and image display in real time. No longer seeing anything because of the sun, or the sound that starts screaming during action scenes, it's over ! Its advantage is its very competitive price. You will have a TV that correctly displays all your video sources and allows you to benefit from a very well-defined image in all circumstances. The navigation is fluid and there are all the usual options. The television is transparent without being totally invisible. When it’s not on, it is possible to see behind it as if it were glass. However, the settings allow you to display images, much like a computer's screen saver.

From this new Xiaomi we can retain 3 positive points

sound power

screen size

display frequency