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Exploring Wikipedia

Exploring the Wikipedia Menu

The Open Teach project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, agreement no. 2020-1-DE03-KA201-077573.

The various options to easily navigate Wikipedia can be found on the left part of the screen. There are several options that you can explore. Click on the Explore Bar on the bottom of each menu to learn more.





Explore The Main Menu Option

Wikipedia Main Page

The Wikipedia main page is different every day. It presents as main sections


  • Featured article of the day
  • Main News
  • A section devoted to interesting things called "Did you know..."
  • On this Day (Historical facts on that specific day in various centuries)
  • A Featured picture of the day.

Wikipedia Content

On this page, you can find quick links to various specific contents within Wikipedia. Very useful for users looking for curated content or renowned collections. Some of the items featured on the page:

  • Featured Content; content considered of high quality and that has undergone a review process
  • Main Subject Classifications
  • Curated Article Collections
  • Third-Party Classification Systems
  • Reference Collections

Current Events

A page dedicated to the main topics in the news on a specific date. A list of the main news in the last few days and the possibility to explore current events featured in several months starting from January/1994 to the current day. It also presents an interactive calendar where users can choose a specific day of interest. The page also presents a box of main ongoing events such as: Disasters, Economics, Politics, Sports etc.

Random Article

This is a very interesting feature that will bring up a random article from the Wikipedia collection. You can discover a new thing every day. Eternal learning is a very nice objective :-).

About Wikipedia

This is the place for users that are interested to learn more about Wikipedia, how it works, when was it created, who are the collaborators, the main principles, and more.

Contacts and Donate

The last 2 items lead the user to the contact page and a space devoted to those willing to financially help Wikipedia. Considering its growing quality, this wealth of available content, and how helpful this "free to all" global encyclopaedia became, it is a good idea to contribute. It doesn't have to be much. Supporting volunteers that are helping us is always a good idea :-).

Other Wikipedia Foundation Projects

This menu allows the user to explore the other projects supported by the Wikimedia Foundation. Many of them are depicted in this module.

Explore The Contribute, Tools and Language Menus


Help Page

On this page, you can find answers to the most common questions about Wikipedia. There is also a list of useful content and the most common sources of support requests from the users.

Learn to edit

A very nice feature of Wikipedia is that is a user-generated effort. Anyone can contribute with corrections, improvements to existing articles, creation of new ones. On this page, users find tips and tricks on how to get started on this.

Community Portal

The community portal provides a list of existing collaborations, tasks, and news related to the English Wikipedia. Users have the opportunity, through the page, to participate in ongoing discussions and more.

Recent Updates

On this page, users can find all recent changes on Wikipedia. Users can choose how many results should be listed and also the time period.

Upload file

This area of the platform is dedicated to those willing to upload their own Wikipedia file.

Download as PDF

Here you can download a Wikipedia page as a pdf file. This can come in handy for offline use or if you would like to share a specific file content with your students.

Printable Version

This option will create a printer-friendly version of the page the user is exploring and open the printer dialogue to enable printing the document.


This option will allow users to set the language to be used in the menus and the preferred fonts. It also allows the definition of the input language and the type of keyboard being used.