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Cours d'anglais le 07 avril 2022

In 1831, first factory

In 1824, first grocery

In 1854, she loved Casbury Chocolate and she made a fine mark of recognition by the Royal Court

In 1864, Casbury created the first easter egg

(Picture 2022)

In 1860, John Cadbury handed over his business to his sons, Richard and George

In 1878, The biggest innovation in the Chocolate industry : Bournville Factory

In 1939, a rationing of a very small piece of chocolate per day

In 1897, the first milk chocolate bar

In 20th century, Cadbury was the leading company in the UK

In 2010, Cadbury accepted the takeover offer by Kraft Foods.

In 1969, Cadbury merged with Schwepps and they separated in 2006

In 2000, Cadbury and another group of chocolate makers created the World Cocoa Foundation to protect the interests of cocoa farmers.

In 2006, a scandal of salmonella

In 2012, Cadbury created a large theme park in Birmingham for their 20 years

In1994. Cadbury created a football team Cadbury Heath


During the crisis health of covid, confectionery and chocolate sales increased per 8 :

- in the UK : +779 %

- in Italy : +736%

These sweets also seem to be popular in France and Brazil : +146%.

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