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The company was created by two lead specialists who pooled their sourcing skills to be as efficient as possible. Our Customers are mainly estate agencies and insurance companies.

Lead : a person who has expressed interest in a producft or service by filling out a form. We collect all the data : The name, the fist name, the age, mailing address ...

To get leads, the company spends 500,000 euros a month in commercials espcially on social networks and GOOGLE.

Author's Name

The expiry date is fast. A lead is sold by several providers because a person filled on average 3 forms. Our customers must be reactive when they receive their leads.

Our leads are sold shared or exclusively (twice as expensive).
We have several themes : borrower insurance / repurchase of credit

Author's Name

Company's activity : sell leads

my missions : prospect new clients (on linkedin)
sell leads
follow the client
create the company logo
my future missions : improve the site
improve our mobile app

our slogan : "Propel your sales"

REVENUES IN 2021 : 5 345 000 EUROS

I have developed several qualities

comfotable speaking




I have developed several skills

  • Research information on customers and companies
  • Sell
  • Develop the company's communication
  • Customer care
  • A specific language to the company (language of the developers)

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