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The titanic's river stolen

1970, May

THe red carpet's festival day


Assia yazi.di; sofia ghani; imen aklil

the robbery of the century festival red carpet

try to fix the mystery, and solve it!

The True Mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible

Oscar wilde

The context of the story:

Yesterday, May 8th,1970, during the Red Carpet's festival of Cannes,this necklace was exhibited during an exhibition during whichspecial collection objects were presented and exposed. Notably this piece,found from the sinking of the titanic.It is one of the most exceptional and historic pieces.

It was stolen...

Margareth Brown,


alias The Unsinkable Molly Brown


Margaret Tobin Brown, born the 18th July 1867 in Hannibal, Missouri, and died the 26 October 1932 in Manhattan, New York, is an American activist and philanthropist. She is part of a poor family and from the age of 18 she tries her luck in Colorado, she meets James Brown, whom she married. In a compagny ibex mine, she discovered a gold vein which made her a milionnaire.Margaret brown is committed and activist dedicated to defending the rights of women and children of Colorado.

She is nicknamed the Unsinkable Molly Brown, in particular due to her nobles qualities and values, she is a great heroine with a united heart and her humanity.

CANNES, france

the red carpet's festival



Location 1

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Cannes, france, 1970

The 8th to 20th May of 1970's


what is it?

The Cannes Film festival(International Film Festival from 1946 to 2002) is an international film festival taking place each year in Cannes(Alpes-Maritimes, Provence-Côte-d'Azur, France) for twelve days during the second half of May.


3 SUSPEcTS ET 3 guests

tyler wright

josh bond

James weeler

levis jones

riley dyer

scott brown








Tyler Wright

Levis Jones


Scott brown



He is a man who wants what belongs to his great-grandmother. He has already flown, he is rich and proud

Tyler Wright is part of the parade; it means that she has access to the full festival areas with permission from the General Manager. She works for a jewelry organization (she specializes in high jewelry) and the field of luxury. We talk a lot about her in the press, she is suspected of working for many marketing and luxury fashion companies with her mother who encourages her in all her efforts. However, she has no one else in her life, she works for herself and has always been an individualist. She is known for being hard-hearted and not wasting her time on trivialities. If she doesn't see any point in it, she doesn't do it.

An acquaintance of hers recently told to the New York Times, that she was dating an anonymous man, a billionaire who could afford anything. He also said that she seemed more human and joyful and that her goal was to enjoy life and focus on herself.

He is a poor man who seeks to rebuild his life by :being rich. He was the son of Margaret Brown's maid, he knew her when he was still a child but he envies her for her wealth and her way of life which differed from his. He wants to drown his sorrow and take revenge for what life has granted him, having this necklace would be for him a sign of success and revenge on life since he will have humiliated and discredited the mores of bourgeois life, the life he never had. That's why he may try to take advantage of this moment to get it and otherwise restore his name in history.

When he was a child, he was admired her and he loved her for the amazing person she was. There was a boy with whom he was playing and laughing. Molly, when she saw them really close to each other, she called them Salt and Pepper, and she made them this memory of a promise never to betray themselves, and to succumb to the questions of social life because as she told them deep down, We all are humans, who will join our lord, because yes molly was a believer and has as value and principle that you should never have your back to your brother for whatever reason. The solution was such that it was communication and solidarity.

levis Jones still has those words in him full of good faith. But, was that enough to stop him from getting revenge for what humanity did to him?

Was that enough not to break his commitments?

Human nature has such caught up with him?

He is a heir of Margareth Brown. He wanted to have her wealth and thinks he most suitable person to have this necklace.

Molly is his grandmother. When he was a kid, he lived a while with her. He had a connection with her, a strong relation that no one can break. He enjoyer with her, she was really a women full of joy. He was shocked after what happened with the titanic. After this day, he swears to himslef that he wouldn't care anymore about excessive wealth since his family and people he cares about are okay, that's the most important thing for him. After this dramatic ordeal, he spent a lot of times with his grand mother. He kept in his mind this memory which never left him. She nicknamed him pepper becausehehad this vivacity of mind which married well with the character of his entourage, he managed to add this little personal touch of him which put beauty in the heart of the people around him. After she died, he was terribly upset and couple years after, the new of the discovering of the river of his grandma from the titanic has been anounced.

Did he remember his commitment to never again be interested in luxury but more in his loved ones, did he listen to the advice of his grandmother or did he succumb to this need to find what belonged to his grand mother and therefore what should be his.

During this first day of the festival, a theft was committed, and not the most trivial, one of the most publicized of the time.

Among the guests, diners and participants, three are suspect...

Here they are!



Tyler wright


When the Titanic 's river was stolen, she said she was giving a conference about the composition of jewels of luxury jewelry. and she took selfies with people and gave them autographs.




scott brown


When the robbery took place he was drinking in the bar and playing poker with his friends. He was nostalgic cause it happens something, someone called him salt...

est. 2019

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About him, he was interviewing on the red carpet about the story of his grandmother's necklace, when the robbery took place. The general manager said that he saw him until 6pm, and a guest greeted him in a saloon near the festival to which there was no longer

when the robbery took place, he was drinking in the bar and playing poker with his friends


I can bring tears to your eyes and resurect the dead. I form in an instant but last in a lifetime.

What i am?

A Memory

You cannot fight an enemy whose motives you do not understand.

A man with nothing he loves...Is a man who cannot be negociated. A man who cannot be betrayed. A man who answers to no one...only himself.

This is who i am. I finally admit the truth for me. Well, that and killing a few people.

A toast: "The less you have, the more they are worth...To friends!

The cupcake is sweet, the bullet is lethal. A beautiful woman is a dangerous thing.

A good riddle reveals the seeker, solving the mystery of the seeker.

From Ed Nygma, Gotham

Who done it??



This is...



Scott and levis are salt and pepper, and they didn't broke their promise,that margaret make them sweared. However, Tyler lied, in the description we understood that she never lose her time on trivialities, however she said she was giving a confernce, taking selfies, gave them autograph that's too much for a person , too much details and lies. She did it because of her mother

Confession's letter

Tyler wright


Dear you,

I made the decision to write this letter to make my confession and talk about my feelings but also about what happened. This will surprise many, given my famous quality of being an individualist. My mother, she always put me down, told me i would be alone for life, so i made up this story of dating someone rich and of good social class so that my mother could see me in the press and that proud of me for one. I wanted ,by doing that, to trap Molly's grandson, everyone suspected him, he was the only one crazy enough to do it. I wanted to trap him because if i have the life i have now it's because of himn he's the only one i've always loved, but his grandmother told him to distrust my mother and me, for a long time i did not understand why and i was angry about it, but now that i have detached myself from my mom and come to my senses, i realized. I admit that i have committed a lot of things i shouldn't have. But i didn't know it was wrong. My mother is to blame, i hate her, my mind is at its lowest. However today i decided to assume the consequences of my actions and to apologize to those to whom i have wronged. I hated Molly Brown for a long time because she was for me the cause of my pain being, her and her family, but in reality she saved me from myself because i would never have forgiven myself for having destroyed Scott. I thank her for that and for so many things else. Rest in peace, Molly.

I know that the way i express myself discredits me from my appearance and what i give off since i seem to be sure of myself...People have always told me that i have everything for myself..beauty, intelligence, insight, a mother who 'loves me', a busy social life, busy occupations, but in reality i am sad, destroyed and alone above all. However, what i can conclude is that for me, this letter constitutes a new start full of hope and i intend to pay for everything i have done, all the crimes committed and not only the least, in order be able to start my new life far from what is not benevolent to me.

Thank you all for have listening to me

We don't have to judge people,

We never know what kind of battle they are fighting.

§THank you§