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Some Must Haves for your...




some phrases which you should use


Part one

- getting to know each other -



Introducing yourself

Describing pictures

Additional question

General discussion

Do you also have any pets?

Let's talk about your spare time. Do you have any hobbies?

How about you?

And you?

I am also interested in your home town. Can you tell me where you are from?

How to ask your partner

What a coincidence. I also have a dog.

Oh, really? That sounds interesting!

That's amazing. Tell me more about it!

How to react to your partner's statements

You attend the akr?
I wonder if you like your teachers. Do you?

Cool, you have a dog. I have always wanted a puppy!

Wow, I am jealous. That's really cool, isn't it?

Phew, hang on, I have to think before I answer...

Uhm... That's difficult. Let me think about it...

Well... That's a tough call, but I think...

I don't really know what you mean. Do you want to know what I do when I am not in school?

What to say if you need time to think - gap fillers

I am a little surprised by your question. Can you repeat it, please?

Wow, ok. I have never thought about that, but I think...

Passive voice

"I used to ride my bike to school but it was stolen."
reported speech
"Dogs are great. My mom said that they were too expensive though."
relative clauses
I also have a brother who really likes dogs, too.
question tags
Dogs are really cute, aren't they?
present perfect
I am a vegetarian. I haven't eaten meat for years.
past perfect
Before they came to Haßfurt my parents had lived in Schweinfurt.

Grammar stuff for part i

Part 2

- describing pictures -


Part II: Describing pictures

  • I can hardly identify it but I think there is a tree in the upper left corner.
  • Let me see.... is there anything else worth mentioning?!?! Ah right. There is......
  • And now let me tell you more about the people that I can see in the picture.
  • greyish, greenish, blueish... = gräulich, grünlich....
  • striped (gestreift), checked (kariert) --> red checked = rot kariert
  • talk about the people's origins: Asian, African-American, European etc.





The girl is Latin American it seems. She has long dark hair which is a bit curly. She is also wearing a white shirt with a print on it. It must be summer because the sun is shining. The girl is laughing so she is having fun with her friends.

This girl is wearing a black top and a greenish skirt. There is also a necklace dangling from her neck and she is wearing hoop earrings.

The girl is wearing a shirt which is light blue. She also has long curly hair. She is wearing sunglasses so that it must be summer. They are all holding a drink maybe they are clinking glasses. They are all happy and they are enjoying their time together.

Additional question part ii

"Ok, so what do you think about it? Are strawberries good for your health?" (You repeat the topic first!!!!)

"Well, there are two sides to every questions, you know. First of all I think..."

Once you started the discussion you go on using the phrases you (hopefully) learnt for part III!

Part 3

- general discussion -



+ info

A positive aspect is....

The good thing about it is....
Let's talk about the positive side first.


There's a downside to it, too.

Have you thought about negative effects, too?


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"I like what you said"

- I (totally) agree with you.

- You are (absolutely) right.

- I like your idea.

- That's a good point.

- I have never thought about that, but you are right!

- Right, I think that's worth a thought.

"I think you are wrong"

- Do you really think this is a good idea?

- I think you are wrong.
- You might be right, but I also think that...
- I don't like your opinion.
- Well, I'm not sure if you are right.
- Really? I don't like that too much.
- I disagree with you.
- I don't see your point here.
- Are you sure? I think there must be better ideas!

"How About...?"

- Have you ever thought about....?

- I'm not sure about this, but I think...
- What do you think about...?
- Another possibility is...
- I have an idea! How about...?
- Would it be a solution if we....?
- Another idea would be....
- What's your opinion on...?
- Shouldn't we think about.... , too? I think it's worth a thought.
- I would also be possible to.......
- I also think...