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MY erasmus trip to



  • Location
  • Host family
  • Training period
  • Cultural experience
  • Thank you

Dublin, southern ireland



Our destination was Southern Ireland as England is difficult to access with brexit.
Northern Ireland is also complicated because it is under the rule of the United Kingdom

Departure to southern ireland

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During her four weeks abroad, Morgane and I were welcomed by an excellent family consisting of Addie Croke and her husband Kevin and their three children, Dylan aged 20, Juliette aged 11 and Bradley aged 8.

MY Host family

Croke's family

but also

Some of the lounges were really quiet, so the managers decided to make us change lounges every week. This allowed us to discover all the salons in the blow salon chain. My first beauty salon was at the University College of Dublin.

My training period

At Blow Salons




As employees

Differences at work

Some alternate between work and school to improve their English

Many of the employees are Brazilian. They rotate a lot of salons, some every day, some to help when they don't have clients, some several times a day...

Employees work an average of 5 to 6 hours per day.

The names of the employees I socialised with the most were fellipe, pedro, tiago, ivana,mikka...


cultural experience

Gaelic games and museum/stadium tour (Croke park)
Guinness museum

22nd January 2022

Kilmainham Prison

1st February 2022


Discover the city of Dublin with the big bus.

8th January 2022

3rd February 2022

Irish dance

Irish goodbye passing through the temple bar drinking with the teachers

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22nd January 2022

3rd February 2022



cultural experience

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Thank you for allowing me to live this experience which has only brought me positive points.
I have learned about myself, I became more mature and independent, I have made friendships and strengthened some, I have improved my understanding of a foreign language.
But I also put into words my dream job.
Thanks to you, you made my last year and my last internship better.