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the new environment






change the cleanliness of the environement

fight the deforestation

reduce the pollution in the air

animals fight





We will organise waste collection days
we Will participate in the development of recycling clothes ( you have to know that clothes produces a lot of CO2 gaz 

We want to replant trees
have products imported closer to home
Because the fact is that importe products is pollute the air 

WE Will make public transport free and build bike stations
We want that evrybody can going were they want without polute 
And then we want give to all the houses the way to be greener


animal fight: several species have been endangered for some time so I will offer a financial aid to zoos to help the reproduction of these species and will ask you to be careful with your waste for them

If you want to save the planet you have to vote for us , together we can do it .

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