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Pollinating insects

A study of the biodiversity in a park.

The park Gué de Maulny

There are many species in the park

We saw a ladybug and a butterfly. All the species that goes in several flowers contributes to the pollinasiation.

Pollinating insects Quiz

Every answer gives you a letter. You get a word in the end.

What is the scientific name of the blackthorn ?

F: Malus pumila

P: Parastratiosphecomyia stratiosphecomyioides.

B: Prunus spinosa

Question 1/3

Pollinating insects quiz

T: Abeille

E: Bourdon

O: Cochenille

Question 2/3

Pollinating insects quiz

What is the french name of the bumblebee ?

Q: Musa acuminata

G: Anthophila

E: Bombus terrestris

Question 3/3

Pollinating insects quiz

The scientific name of the bumblebee


Pollinating insects quiz


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