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Margaux.h Angela.M Aimar.L

Erasmus+ Project: QUINTESSENCE

Hi, I'm Margaux

I’m 16 and I’m doing this presentation with Angela because I know her since I was ten. She is absent but we are going to be able to see her though.

Angela's presentation

We are in the same class since 2016 and we get on very well. We are so grateful having you here. It is such a pleasure.

Hi, I'm Aimar

My school

  • We are students of Maurice Ravel highschool. We all are in the OIB program, that is a bilingual certificate where we do some subjects in both languages. It is very special for us because we have been able to be together as a family since a very young age.
  • Our school is a multicultural place where all nationalities and cultures are mixed up. A lot of us already have bicultural households.

We think Hydropower is the best renewable energy, because it transforms natural mouvements of rivers and ocean to electricity that we can take profit of, specially here in the Basque Country where it rains all the time