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A presentation by Lisa Müller


1. Why did I choose this job?

2. What are main characteristics of the job?

3. What are typical challenges/difficulties?

4. How is the job market in the US and in general?

5. Differences between the US and Germany

Table of contents

Why did I choose this job?



  • Loved to question things since early childhood

  • German and English have been my favorite subjects from the very beginning

  • Always enjoyed writing stories

  • Wanted to be part of the media industry since a young age

  • My dream: writing for a huge magazine e.g. New York Times someday

  • It´s a job where you travel around the world a lot

Why did I choose this job?

Main characteristics of the job


Tasks of a journalist

Present captivating stories to editors

Meet all deadlines for handing in your stories

Review and edit the work until the editors approve it

Always keep yourself up-to-date

Create trustworthy relationships with contacts & sources

Use all your findings and write a clean, concise and on facts-based text

What are typical challenges/difficulties?


Be able to dig for information and not afraid to ask questions that can sometimes be intimidating

You need to deal with rejection & have steadfastness

People sometimes have a pejorative view on it and you need to cope with that


Job market in the US & in general


  • Experts say the career provides poor opportunities in the future

  • Job growth won´t be huge until 2024

  • Improving technology is a big factor

Job market in the US


Total: 3,570

Rank: 2


Total: 2,060

Rank: 3

New York

Total: 4,240

Rank: 1


Total: 2,010

Rank: 4

  • Competition has always been quite high and will continue to be so

  • Economic upswings & downturns influence the job market

Job market in general

Differences between the US and Germany


Journalism in the US

  • You can clearly see the journalist´s opinion
  • Sometimes even entire news channels put themselves publicly on one side
  • E.g. show political affection towards Donald Trump

Journalism in Germany


  • We have the "Öffentlich Rechtlichen"
  • All parties need to be included without being judged
  • Watching channels like ARD, it is impssible for the viewer to tell which partie the reporter supports


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