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World Traveler

NFT project

About project

Hi, I'm Any. And I'll tell you a little about myself. I don't remember how old I am, but according to my fake passport, I recently found out I'm about 27 years old. I am a traveler, not by choice, but because someone from my past is constantly chasing me. I don't even know if it's human. Never got close to him. But someday I'll be ready to meet him. I have the ability to travel between worlds, which is why I manage to escape every time.

Over the past year, I have visited nine worlds, and I think that this is far from the limit.

Okay, now a little about the project itself.

As Any said, she has been to nine worlds, and I want to show you them, because over the past couple of years I have often communicated with her. She told me about worlds I couldn't even think of. Honestly, I envy her ability to move between worlds. I'm just an artist and can't move between dimensions.

About me


9 worlds 9 stories

  • Cyber world
  • Ancient Japan world
  • Russian reality world
  • Planet Aquatica
  • Oasis planet
  • World after world
  • A world where religion has won
  • Machine world
  • Without time world

The concept is a room in which Eni resides. It changes the situation. Any's clothes, hair. The view outside the window is also changing.

Now I will show you one of the worlds. Ready?

Cyber world.

The world at the turn of eras. There has been a very powerful leap in the development of technology. But the economy is crashing. In this world, the local air is very bad. Factories and corporations have ousted the people. There is nothing to breathe, poverty thrives. Try not to knock someone down in an alley for profit. But Annie was lucky. She learned to survive over the years.

I want to involve other artists who have heard other stories and want to tell a little about Eni's travels. I want to build a community in the same discord, for example. Where artists can share their stories. And ordinary people can see them and enjoy incredible journeys.

About mechanics of attraction

At the moment I am preparing the rest of the worlds, they will be no less interesting.

Thank you!