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Transsexualism in sport

TRANS Women in sportS

A benefit to be a fOrmer man ?

Johana Harper, a trans athelete said in her study : "I think it is perfectly reasonable to impose restrictions on the participation of transgender women - as the IOC, World Athletics and the NCAA do - but not to ban them from women’s sport. While it is true that transgender women have certain physical advantages over cisgender women, there is no evidence that they are about to take control of women’s sport" . The case of Lia Thomas, a swimmer, caused a scandal because of her results : the problem for people was that Lia began her transformation after her puberty so she kept her "masculine strength". Sixteen swimmers from her team are publishing an open letter in Swimming World magazine asking their university and the Ivy League to support them as organic women and not to take legal action with the NCAA to challenge these new rules. They fully recognize Lia Thomas’ “right to live her life in an authentic way” but consider that “in sports competitions, biological sex is a different issue than gender identity.”

LIA thomas, a swimmer