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Abortion in


Student: Sarah Ehret
Class: Fos 20a

rights and implementation







special cases


illegal abortion

advertising ban

legal position


removal of pragraph 219


  • is the medical process of ending a pregnancy, so it does not result in the birth of a baby
  • embryo or fetus intentionally survives the procedure, usually not


  • general prussian land law
  • introduced by friedrich william II
  • §10 & §11


  • increasing attacks on criminal liability and thereby promoting the liberalization of abortion
  • justified with the biogenetic basic law


from 1935

  • were legalized in order to strengthen the biologically strong race



  • only allowed for non-germans
  • forced abortions in occupied areas


  • refutation of the basic biogenitic law
  • the devolpment of an unborn child is human from the start
  • abortion is a punishable offence
  • before and after birth children are legally protected


  • time limit solution
  • allowed up to 12th week of pregnancy



  • time limit solution is declared unconstitutional
  • introducion the indication model
-> generally prohibited , but not punishable under

certain conditions

  • indication model declared unconstitutional
  • §218 StGB



  • Bundestag approves ban on advertising
  • §219a StGB

legal position

  • § 218 StGB - abortion is generally illegal
  • on the basis of the so-called advice regulation, under certain conditions exempt from punishment

  • not lawful on the basis of a medical or a criminological indication

  • must be performed within in the first 12 weeks (exception 22nd week)
  • person must seek advice
-> consultation 3 days before

  • tolerated without penalty if certain criteria are met
  • sole decision of the women
  • by a licenced doctor
  • unavoidable danger
  • unlawful act

"my belly

belongs to me"

"my body,
my choice"

illegal abortion

  • § 218 StGB
  • person takes the abortion in her own hands

  • who terminates a pregnancy - imprisonment of 3 years or a fine in
  • particulary seriouscases - imprisonment of 6 months or 5 years
  • person aborts herself - up to one year or fine

special cases

  • is diagnosed, abortion is not a crime
  • no limit
  • doctor makes decision when person can be harmed
  • legal consultation - 3 days

by disability

late abortion

  • medical indication or unborn is diagnosed with disability
  • negative impact of persons well-being


  • 350-600 €
  • person have to pay for it
  • abortian pill is the cheapest method


  • curretage
  • abortian pill
  • vacuum aspiration

  • late abortions
-> Caesarean

-> potassium chloride method
-> prostaglandin method

advertising ban

  • § 219 StGB
  • purpose of this regulation is to prevent abortion from being presented as something normal in public and being commercialized by doctor advertising
  • protects unborn life as a legal interest


removal of § 219 StGB

  • the cabinet of the federal republic decides to lift the advertising ban for abortions
  • 9th march 2022
  • information about abortions are no longer punishable
  • everyone can then find out directly from their doctor online which methods of abortion are possible and which deadlines and regulations must be observed.



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any questions?

thanks for

your attention

How would you position yourself to this statements?

Should a person (the mother) stand above the unborn child?

Would you say abortion would be heteronomy or self-determination?

Should the state protect women in the first case?