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School Trip to Dublin in Ireland

From Monday 4 July to Wednesday 6 july

Abber Court Hostel

Airplane from Paris to Dublin at 9am come to 10 am to Dublin

For 37,48€ round trip

91€ For 2 night

Brassery de L'abbaye

Two Hours of Rest at the restaurante the meal cost 16€

Irish emigration Museum

The ticket cost 18,50€

we came here for 14 Hours to 16 hours

Italian Bar restaurante

We go to the restaurante at 12 Hours the menue cost 26€

we stay here for 1 hours

Horror Visit

Two hours in the Bus for 14 pm to 16 pm for 28€

and another visit on a walk for 16pm to 18pm for 14€

For the last day the Dublin pass

amusment park

7am to 17pm the whole last day on a park for 69€


The 3 weeks cost 299,98€ for one person.

Return to France to 22pm