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Nina Simone

The beginning of Simone's carrer


Nina Simone was born on February 21,1933 in Tryon.

His parents are called Mary Kate Waymon et John Divine Waymon.

died on April 21,2003 in Carry le Rouet.

her real name is Eurice Kathleen Waymon

she was born into a methodist family


The professions Nina Simone

wat first Nina Simone was a photographer but she left to play the piano as an accompanist then she was author of composer interpreter , author of composer , activist , musical arranger and composer of music and film

Nina Simone playing jazz piano

Nina Simone in full activist

nina Simone singing

The passions of Nina Simone


Nina Simone has several style of music there are Jazz, Folk, RB ,Gospel and POP.

Nina Simone released hr first album in 1958 called " little girl blue"

Nina Simone recorded a 50th album during her carren where there is the most success was on vocal jazz

End of his carrer


after 1960 became involved in the civil rights movement.

one days she says i will die at seventy anel then on April 21 ,2003 she died of breast cancer these ashes we were thorown into africa